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spaces / I want to be honest with you / places

Wendy Erskine

Author Wendy Erskine responds to VISUAL’s Spring Visual Arts Programme. Using a subjective and fragmented approach, Erskine fuses her insights on the artists' work with memories and anecdotes on different places and spaces

What I see when I see Eyes Skinned (1988, 4 minutes, 4 seconds)

Chitra Ramaswamy

A response to Mona Hatoum's video works by the award-winning non-fiction writer Chitra Ramaswamy

The Geometry of Failure

Sheila Armstrong

In nature, chaos reigns – or does it? Author Sheila Armstrong looks at the wonders of geometry, geology and fractals that can be found across the natural world and in Sonia Shiel's exhibition Medusa In Pieces


Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi

In this poem, the Nigerian-Irish poet, writer, editor, and performer Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi responds to VISUAL’s current exhibition, Her Hare by Caroline Achaintre

Jornada del Muerto

Neva Elliott

ARTWORKS 2023 artist and prize winner Neva Elliott shares a text relating to her two works in Remembering the Future

Divining the Past

Jessica Traynor

Could divination be a useful tool for looking at the past, as well as the future? Poet, writer and editor Jessica Traynor responds to VISUAL’s Remembering the Future programme by considering this question

Hand Taste

Rachel Donnelly

In response to David Beattie's 'Future Light from Distant Stars', writer Rachel Donnelly considers the role of the hand and human touch within the increasing integration of automation and technological progress in food production.

Mary Shannon on the Irish Names Project

Mary Shannon, the founder of the Irish Names Project, discusses the origins and processes of the quilts, on display in VISUAL as part of Artworks 2023 - Remembering the Future. This video was originally produced and edited by Gavin Woodruff and The National Museum of Ireland in 2019.


Seán Hewitt

Writer Seán Hewitt responds to the Irish NAMES Project quilts, exhibited at VISUAL as part of Remembering the Future, Summer 2023.

snaking ’92

Richard Proffitt

Artist Richard Proffitt writes a response to Emma Martin’s KING | SHRINE

Nothing is Lost, Everything is Transformed

Darran Anderson

Darran Anderson, author of Imaginary Cities, has written a response to Fiona Hallinan’s exhibition We Turn Towards an Ending and Pay Attention

The Remains of the Day

J.W. O’Donoghue

Proffitt is an artist of the dog-eared, the torn away, the discarded. The crumpled, chewed up and grubby are all enthusiastically welcomed into the creative process whose central concern in this exhibition is with what has been left behind, with improvised treasures, with family folklore, astronomy and alchemy, with luminous magic after a spell. The work is about excitement, authenticity and memory in the shadow of our ongoing crises.

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