VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art &
The George Bernard Shaw Theatre


Flashes of Light, Echoes of Drumbeats

Rosa Abbott

A response to Clíodhna Timoney’s exhibition Flashes of Light, taking the form of a series of letters to the late writer Mark Fisher

The pause

Jo Burns

Award-winning poet Jo Burns responds to Elizabeth Cope's 2020 painting Sybil with Underground Map / Venus Has Left the Building (Diptych) with a specially commissioned poem

Steel Trap/Sad Black Enby Theory

Diana Bamimeke

Weaving poetry with theory, critic and curator Diana Bamimeke has written a prose poem in response to VISUAL's Speech Sounds exhibition

Tech News: The future is Lipreading?

Louise Hickman

A fictional news report written in response to the exhibition Speech Sounds

Soft Rains Will Come

Ian Maleney

Author and producer Ian Maleney responds to Christopher Steenson's exhibition Soft Rains Will Come, speaking of 'micro joy', 'macro gloom', and the connective power of radio

Am I the last person on earth?

David Toop

In response to Christopher Steenson's exhibition Soft Rains Will Come, David Toop reflects on sound, memory, and the long-distance connections forged by shortwave radio

Handful of Earth

A poem by Róisín Kelly, written in response to Ursula Burke’s exhibition Supplicants

Writer and poet Róisín Kelly looks towards Ursula Burke’s work at VISUAL Carlow to reflect on ideas of community, survival and the loss of sharing collective emotion in this specially commissioned poem 'Handful of Earth'.


Sue Rainsford presents the second commissioned response to Woman in the Machine

Art writer and author Sue Rainsford hones in on the works of four artists in Woman in the Machine, using imagination, poetic language and literary references to untangle ideas of extraction and ooze

Nature Through a Screen

Roisin Kiberd on the relationship between technology and the natural world

The first in a series of commissioned responses to Woman in the Machine, tech writer and author Roisin Kiberd considers our relationship with technology, and how we might use it to bring us closer to the world around us.