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Against bold visions

Chris Hayes on Iarlaith Ni Fheorais's programme Speech Sounds

An essay for Speech Sounds, bringing a critical perspective towards the politics of art, hope and imagination

Interview with Fiona Mc Donald

Fiona Mc Donald discusses her data-driven artworks in Woman in the Machine

Artist Fiona Mc Donald explains how she uses coding and electronics to represent nature in data-driven artworks. The first in a series of interviews with artists from VISUAL’s Woman in the Machine exhibition.

Nature Through a Screen

Roisin Kiberd on the relationship between technology and the natural world

The first in a series of commissioned responses to Woman in the Machine, tech writer and author Roisin Kiberd considers our relationship with technology, and how we might use it to bring us closer to the world around us.

Sibyl Montague SELF SOOTHERS

Cristín Leach reviews Sibyl Montague's SELF SOOTHERS at VISUAL

During one of the looser levels of lockdown, Ireland 2020, I drove from Cork to Carlow to see Sibyl Montague’s SELF SOOTHERS exhibition. I’d been consuming art digitally for months, including occasional glimpses of Montague’s. Her latest work doesn’t look “nice”. In digital form, it doesn’t even look comforting, despite the show’s title.

Materials Matter Summer Workshops

Clare Breen's account of the Materials Matter Summer workshop series

Materials Matter, Ábhar Ábhar is a container, a holder, a way of thinking and a movement, that explores the production of sustainable art materials. The aim is to bring together practices and forgotten ways of working that are passed along, embellished, reworked, indigenous or partially remembered.

Interview with Deirdre O'Mahony

Deirdre O'Mahony talks with Dee Sewell about PLOT

PLOT is part of Sustainment Experiments, a new project that considers what actions can be taken in the face of ecological and climate crises. It looks back to a technology, the potato ridge that was born out of the need for food security in Ireland’s past, and forward to future food security, biodiversity and resilience in the face of climate change.

Engaging with Architecture

A project exploring the former Braun building by Emma Geoghegan and 4th year students from TU Dublin School of Architecture.

The former Braun building occupies a 30 acre site on the north eastern edge of Carlow town. A colossal building with over 20,000sqm of floor area, it has loomed large as a physical presence, and for four decades has marked an arrival point into the town. Despite its size, it has always seemed impenetrable, private and slightly mysterious.

72 Hour Lost Weekend

Watch the video forming the centrepiece of the weekend of performances at the former Braun factory

For Woman in the Machine at the former Braun factory, the original intention was for the interior of the building to be open to the public who would have been able to experience the DJs, live music, visual, performing and sonic art all together in this giant landmark over the course of a weekend. We were able to turn up the bass and light the shadows to hint at what could have been through the creation of this film, 72 Hour Lost Weekend.