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Regan O'Brien - LAB Programme

Born in Dublin by the sea to Olwyn Davis and Deke O’Brien, Regan is a performing and visual artist, musician, vocal coach and social choreographer. Much of her work has been created in Ireland but has been nurtured and developed through trans-disciplinary collaborations and performances throughout Europe.

Regan has lectured in performance studies and movement practices, co-founded Fumbally Court Studios (Independent, artist-led performance and teaching space in Dublin) and worked for decades as a freelance actor and singer before becoming a mother to Lua Rose.

"At the heart of my artistic composition I am exploring the questions of flow, human connection and trans-formation. I’m passionate about using the theatrical stage as a platform to interrogate and experiment with social structures and harness the power of human vulnerability as the place of ultimate creativity.

This year I have been building an international network of artists to explore remote motion-capture and interactive dramaturgy to enhance 'liveness' in hybrid theatre.

I develop immersive, performance installations and environments which activate relational space and invite the audience in to the centre of their own experiences.

In 2021 I completed a music production course called Mothers in Music through the Oh Yeah center in Belfast. I am continuing to write songs and now learning how to produce and record them. In 2019 Abbey Community and Education Department, Create Ireland, Dance Ireland and Dance Limerick supported my project Dublin Matrix: 100 micro-performances by Irish M/Others, a prelude to my new research here at Visual Carlow.

I am exploring the re-embodiment and empowerment of self and culture through sci-fi stories, dance, song and interactive technology: a sort of love story of a woman learning to honour and embody her vulnerability and strength by immersing herself in her pleasure!"