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The Listening Project

Documenting children and young people’s experiences of Covid 19


This project by VISUAL and CYPSC aims to collect an archive of children's experiences, positive and negative, of the past year, with particular focus on how the Covid 19 pandemic has affected them.

The project gives us a broad look at the world through their eyes; these experiences then genuinely inform decisions about what children and young people require from statutory services.

Based on a series of specific questions, conversations were recorded with children and young people exploring their experiences during the Covid 19 pandemic. These recordings have been collected and archived as an oral history document. They were edited into an audio piece. The same groups were invited to listen back to an audio version of their recorded experiences and make drawings responding to and expanding upon these experiences. These drawings have been brought together and animated into a short film illustrating the children's experiences.

Children and Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSC) ( are a key structure identified by Government to plan and co-ordinate services for children and young people in every county in Ireland. The overall purpose is to improve outcomes for children and young people through local and national interagency working.