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Our Thriving Tribe Book Launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our newest publication Our Thriving Tribe. A collection of 22 interviews conducted with Irish Artists, Arts Workers and Practitioners exploring entrepreneurialism in the arts.

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The interviews in this book focus on questions such as how do artists, Art Workers and Practitioners identify and understand entrepreneurship? Is entrepreneurship useful to the arts? Can entrepreneurialism, as a concept or strategy, help support the professional development of artists and the growth of the arts sector as a whole? Where does entrepreneurship fall short within the context of the arts?

Our Thriving Tribe publication is the culmination of a research project, of the same name, which was conducted by VISUAL throughout 2019 and 2020. The project was undertaken as part of VISUAL’s involvement in the Arts and Humanities Entrepreneurship Hubs (AHEH) project, a three-and-a-half-year pan-European project that ran from 2018-2021.

The AHEH project brought together 14 partners (seven academic and seven enterprise) from across seven EU member states to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of arts and humanities students. It aimed to design and deliver an innovative programme of entrepreneurial training by developing a tailor-made arts and humanities entrepreneurship model that sought to improve the long-term entrepreneurial prospects for arts and humanities students. For more information on the AHEH project please log on to www.artshumanitieshub.eu.

Our thriving tribe features contributions from Emma Martin (United Fall), Cian Kinsella, Sarah Devereux, Feli Speaks, Cian O’Brian, Phillip McMahon and Jennifer Jennings (THISISPOPBABY), Maser, Una Malloy (Turing Pirate), Harry Walsh Foreman, Monika Sapielak, Toby Omoteso, Kathy Fitzgerald, Brian Shiel, Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan (Broken Talkers), Lynnette Moran (Live Collision), Bernadette Kiely, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Claire Prouvost, Edel Tobin (Waterford Walls) , Susan Buttner, Friz, Megan and Jessica Kennedy (Junk Ensemble), Vukasin Nedeljkovic and Tadhg O'Sullivan.

Executive Editor and Producer – David Francis Moore

Copy Editor – Kathy Foley, HyphenContent.com

Design – Claire Prouvost

Print – Plus Print

This publication is co-funded by –

Erasmus + Programme of the European Union

Carlow County Council

Arts Council of Ireland

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