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Visiting Carlow

Uncover a world of hidden gems in Carlow when you wander off the track.

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Ducketts Grove, Co. Carlow

Take the path less trodden, through the timeless and unspoiled Carlow landscape. Where every picturesque village, sleepy nook, meandering riverbend and rolling valley holds another treasure trove of hidden gems, waiting to be discovered. Hear the land whisper with colourful tales of our people, past and present. It is rural life, but not at all how you’d expect it. Feel inspired. Feel charmed. Feel free.

In Carlow visitors are encouraged to explore a less discovered part of Ireland where breath-taking scenery, outdoor adventures, memorable experiences and great value can be enjoyed. There are so many options to choose from including:

A variety of boat trips to relax and spot local wildlife such as kingfishers, otters and dragonflies.

There are guided hiking trails in the Blackstairs Mountains and Mount Leinster and leisure walks along the Barrow Way.

Feel the worries of the world float away as you explore the captivating landscapes of one of Ireland’s longest rivers, spanning the entire length of County Carlow. Gorgeous and unspoilt, the River Barrow gives you the chance to discover scenic and picturesque natural beauty, and captivating views. Canoe, boat or paddleboard down it, cycle, or hike alongside it. However you wish to explore, there’s something wonderful waiting for you in Carlow, when you wander off the track.

You won’t find a better place in Ireland for its range of fabulous gardens and garden centres – they make for a really great day’s entertainment in relaxing and spacious surroundings. Carlow is a county with an exceptionally rich heritage – from Europe’s largest portal dolmen to the stunning sixth century riverside settlement at St Mullins there is so much to explore and discover.

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