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The George Bernard Shaw Theatre

Amend an End

08 Jun - 27 Aug 2023 |

Admission: Free

Amend an End is a group project led by artist Ciara Harrison. Since March 2023, the group has gathered weekly in the galleries to reflect on the Irish NAMES Project and to collectively make marks on an embroidered heirloom linen tablecloth. The creative invitation was to explore the role of making and materials as both of an individual and a collective act.

The workshops fostered slowness, play, empathy, care, cooperation, negotiation and the tactile. The nature of the cloth was a catalyst for conversation, allowing for/kindling discussions around fabric, clothing and objects of personal meaning/value. This enabled the group to learn from and about one another by bringing histories, identities and experiences to the table.

With an emphasis on community and exchange, the cloth became a meeting point for skill sharing and allowed for stories and insights to reveal themselves through the process of making.

Amend an End is a living artefact, you are invited to add to this piece, stitch your own mark. Please sit, observe, daydream, touch, make and add to our evolving work. The Amend an End group will continue to meet on Thursday afternoons throughout the Summer, please drop in to join the stitching circle.

Paula Sheridan
Margaret (Mags) Flynn
Therese Dooley
Susan O'Neill
Catherine Ovington
Deirdre Mc Govern
Carmel Killoran
Elizabeth O'Brien
Ciara Harrison
Clare Breen