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B Movie Posters

Damien O' Reilly

03 Feb - 20 May 2018 |

Before the advent of what would become known as New Horror, the B Movie was a staple of the cinema-going experience. A big budget movie would often double-bill with a smaller less mainstream film. Without the limits of trying to appeal to a large market or paying attention to a demographic, the B movie was a thing of unbounded creativity and uncensored ingenuity. B Movies is an ongoing series of illustrations inspired by the low budget Sci-fi and Horror movies of Golden Age Hollywood. They have been created using pen and marker and the movies depicted don’t actually exist - they are a shadow celebrating a bygone era.

Born in Dublin and educated at West Wales School of the Arts where he studied Graphic Design, Damien O’Reilly is a Graphic Artist and illustrator currently living in County Wicklow, Ireland. His illustrative technique is a result of an amalgamation of interests including old science drawings, info-graphics, retro Sci-Fi movie posters, and obscure diagrams.