Edifice Complex - VISUAL

VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art &
The George Bernard Shaw Theatre

Edifice Complex


02 Feb - 21 Apr 2013 |

A new exhibition commissioned by VISUAL
Curated by Eamonn Maxwell (Director, Lismore Castle Arts)

Edifice Complex is Tadhg McSweeney’s first solo exhibition since 2010. It is also the inaugural solo presentation by a Carlow based artist in the main gallery space at VISUAL.

This exhibition will comprise sculptural works made from found, recycled, discarded and unfunctional materials, as McSweeney endeavours to present a body of work that references many influences.

When presented with the challenge of one of Ireland’s largest galleries, an artist has to consider many things. McSweeney decided that the exhibition must function foremost in the relationship between individual works and the entire exhibition, and the importance of the many vistas the audience will encounter. Transforming his painting practice into 3 dimensional forms he is aiming to guide the viewer through a landscape of objects. These objects act as a residue of previous forms acting as a body of evidence, which reference a narrative but never actually reveal what that may be.

Artist Tadhg McSweeney (b.1978, Dublin) trained at National College of Art & Design, Dublin. He lives and works in Carlow. McSweeney is represented by the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Dublin.

Tadhg McSweeney and Curator Eamonn Maxwell will be in conversation in the galleries at VISUAL on Sunday March 3rd at 3 pm.

The Sunday Art Workshop on 24th February at 3pm will be given over to the Tadhg McSweeney’s practice