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Ex Machina

Frances Hegarty and Andrew Stones

09 Jul - 22 Oct 2016 |

Ex Machina by Frances Hegarty and Andrew Stones, was originally commissioned in 2005/06 as part of VISUALISE Carlow. The piece is an artistic response to the remains of the Carlow Sugar Factory, an iconic local structure which at the time was being asset stripped following the collapse of the sugar beet industry in Ireland. Using helicopter, crane and wire shots, the artists have created an unswerving linear trajectory that starts in the sky. Homing in on the factory, the camera drops down, level by level, into its depths. 10 years later we restage this epic work in the Main Gallery of VISUAL.

Associated Events and Activities Gallery Talk Sat 9th July, 3.30pm, Free Carlow: Place Connectivity and Artmaking - panel discussion Book through Box Office 059 9172400 Photographs by PL Curran in GB Bar
P.L Curran documented the life of the Carlow Sugar Factory over many
decades, from its heyday to its subsequent decommissioning. He played a key
role in providing access and information during the creation of Ex Machina,
and a selected exhibition of his photographs entitled Time Exposure, was
included as part of the VISUALISE Carlow 2006 programme. We are delighted
to be able to include a selection of PL’s photographs in this season, and
indebted to Arts Officer Sinead Dowling for drawing our attention to PL’s work

Listen to KCLR radio documentary by Eimear Ní Bhraonáin talking to former workers of Carlow Sugar Factory.

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