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VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art &
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Flashes of Light

Clíodhna Timoney

September 23rd 2022 - January 8th 2023 |

Clíodhna Timoney is an artist working in sculpture, image-making, video and sound. At VISUAL, she presents several large scale sculptures, moving-image, and sound work. Entitled Flashes of Light (2022), Timoney uses this body of work to reflect on the zone of the farm, its edges and the interconnectedness of the structures, ecologies and beings found there. Considering ideas of enclosures, access, dwellings and wildness, Timoney uses archetypes, motifs and materials typical of the farm she grew up on, alongside references to nightlife culture, to subvert and challenge a permanent, unchanging idea of physical spaces.

Drawing upon a lineage of folklore and mysticism within rural spaces, Timoney considers the collision of these local, largely oral traditions with globalisation, and uses mythmaking, embodiment, and enchantment to imagine new potentials. She does this through the creation of objects and theatrical environments as ways to explore related subjects such as memory, vernacular and nightlife culture, the nonhuman, and the entanglement of these.

In recent works, Timoney examines these contrasting themes by tracing the intensities and slippages of spaces, revealing the rhythms of hidden forces that move throughout them. Using specific sites of interest such as dancefloors, and the backroads of rural Ireland, Timoney uses these places as framing devices to reflect on the multiplicities within them and consider them as ‘stagings’ that carry the potential to enact intimacy, desire, excess, destruction or violence.

Timoney filters these disparate themes through a speculative or fictional lens to break down fixed definitions and states of being. Timoney’s work not only reflects on the human-centric structures built within spaces but non-human ecologies such as weather systems or animal activities in order to reveal the network of connections between them. Imperceptible forces such as magnetism or gravity are amplified or materialised and scales move between the macro and the micro, making connections between vast alternative forces and the interior spaces of our bodies and psyches.

Cliodhna Timoney graduated from the MFA in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2020 and Visual Arts Practice in IADT, Dublin in 2015. Recent exhibitions include TURAS, Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny (2021), Grass Roots, Muine Bheag Arts, Carlow (2021), The Slade School of Fine Art Graduate Showcase, Online (2020) and The Last Great Album of The Decade, The Lab, Dublin (2019). Most recently, she was awarded the Arts Council of Ireland Project Award 2022, The Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award 2021 and The Donegal County Council Bursary Award 2021. She is currently a resident artist with Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin from 2021-2023.

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