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03 Jun - 13 Sept 2015 |

Database was created by David Ebner and Tobias Zimmer, University of Applied Sciences, Trier, Germeny.

Database is a public installation on the subject of surveillance. It covers the invisible and the unnoticed collection of data in both public as well as digital spaces, and the use of this information. The installation consists of a continuos printer, a paper shredder and two cameras, which detect the faces of people passing by. The faces are printed together with a data entry that indicates date, time and the number of the capture. They are then processed by the shredder, while the digital image files are deleted immediately upon printing. This way the Database is gradually filling itself with huge amounts of paper and data, drawing attention to the constant invisible and unnoticed collection, use and storage of personal data in the world around us.

Associated Events

Little Robots Summer Camp

20th - 22nd July, 10am - 3.30pm, €75. Ages 6 - 11

Over three days, campers will learn basic code and electronics to design and build robots and create short cartoons about the robot characters that they have developed, with Coderdojo Carlow.


Fri 11th September, 10am - 4pm, €40.

New Realities; introductions to AR, with case studies from artists and institutions, (including a hands-on session building your own easy peasy virtual reality viewer!)