Shakti Yoga with Connie Byrne - VISUAL

VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art &
The George Bernard Shaw Theatre

Shakti Yoga with Connie Byrne

06 Aug - 20 Aug 2022 | 2 - 4pm

Admission: €12 per session or €30 for three

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During these classes Connie Byrne will lead the group through shakti yoga practice, a beautiful energy raising yoga sequence that promotes creativity, sensual awareness and femininity. Shakti yoga is for everyone and through Connie's guidance will promote wellness and a raising of energy through the central chakra system allowing freedom in mind body and breath.

These workshops will take place around the galleries amongst the Speech Sounds exhibition. Each participant will learn a series of movements that can be practiced at home or with a group. Participants can drop in for all or some of the workshops and interact with Connie as she moves through the spaces responding to artworks in the exhibition over the 2 hour period.

In yoga, the word shakti means “power” and “divine feminine,” usually in reference to energy. Shakti empowers us to be luminous, radiant, creative, and in-flow with the universe.

Participants should bring their own mat and wear appropriate clothing.