The VISUAL Process Space : Lucy McKenna - VISUAL

VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art &
The George Bernard Shaw Theatre

The VISUAL Process Space : Lucy McKenna

07 Mar - 12 Apr 2015 |

Artist Lucy McKenna gives us a glimpse into her working process. Her work traces humanity's various attempts to reconcile its position in the universe via scientific experiment, technological progress, ritual practice and folklore. This exhibition will show drawings by the artist from her recent solo exhibition ‘The Lacuna In Parallax’ as well as new works from an ongoing project. Selected drawings were made collaboratively with astronomer Nick Howes featuring distant manmade spacecraft as seen from Earth. Others will feature drawn images of star-forming regions in our neighbouring galaxies. This exhibition also features some pieces from her current project researching astronomer Charles E. Burton and the mythology of the canals of Mars. Her drawings analyse the methods of 'looking' developed by humanity as well as the observed objects themselves. Process plays a heavy part in her practice, with her acts of time-intensive drawing creating an invisible connective line between these distant objects and the drawings themselves. These works were made with the assistance of the Hubble Space Telescope Legacy Archive, the RDS Library and NASA/ JPL Caltech.