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Weird Beasts Workshop

A family workshop exploring the exhibitions through playful making

14th October and 25th of November | 2 - 4pm

Admission: Free

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Come join artist Mary Jo Gilligan for a fun, playful workshop in the galleries responding to Caroline Achaintre's exhibition Her Hare. In this workshop, adults and kids will work together to make masks and costumes they can wear, creating weird beasts!

- step into a strange realm where animals, humans, plants and microbes float and mix and blend, creating weird creatures in strange landscapes. This is a space to imagine how animal or plant adaptations could change how you move through the world.

How would you go to school if your hands were more bear-like, or your skin was a little more octopus-ish, or your sense of smell was as incredible as a dog’s? What if you could make your own food from the sunlight, like a plant?

Could you

  • Make a set of wings to blend in with a flock of crows?
  • Construct some claws that could help you climb a tree?
  • Make a tail that could help you balance and run along a rooftop?
  • Make a mask that could help you slip unnoticed into a herd of zebras?

We are part of nature, not separate from it. This space encourages us to think about how we are human animals and imagine a weird world, where we could accelerate adaptations, as many animals do through evolution; to change with our changing world.

This workshop is for adults and kids to work together. Why not make your halloween costume and wear it to our Samhain festival?!

Suitable for ages 4+


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