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Carlow Arts Festival 2022

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09 Jun - 12 Jun 2022 | Varied Times

WORK - Claudio Stellato [Belgium]

Visual Theatre / Thurs 9 June / 7.30pm / Adults €15 / Kids €8 /

Family (2A+2Ks) €38 / Conc. €12

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Nails, some wood and paint, a few tools and everyday gestures which appear unimportant, evolve and transform on a fantastical construction site.

Like an assembly line from a parallel universe, each character/craftsman has their role: they perform precise gestures, the result of hours and hours of routine.  Physical efforts are pushed to the limit of exhaustion with sometimes absurd results. Gradually, the material changes and real paintings take shape before our eyes.

It’s raw and poetic, it’s concrete surrealism for everyone including children from 8+. It’s also exhilarating, of course!

Supported by Wallonie - Bruxelles International.

GOUPIL & KOSMAO - Étienne Saglio / Monstre(s) [France]

Visual Theatre / Sat 11 June (12.30pm & 3pm) / Sun 12 June (12.30pm) / Adults €12 / Kids €8 / Family (2As+2Ks) €30 / Conc. €10

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A comedy performance by the great magician Kosmao and his assistant, the stuffed fox Goupil.

Goupil was once just like any other fox, however, following a tragic accident, he transitioned to the role of scarf for a fashionable Parisienne lady. Now, Goupil is on the very threshold of stardom as the master magician's apprentice, and he's not going to stop there!

In this classic theatrical due​l, the puppet will slowly steal the show from the magician. Despite the elegant atmosphere, the battle will be ruthless.

This spellbindingly hilarious family show (for 4+) combines classic cabaret and astounding acts of magic!

Supported by the French Embassy in Ireland.

With the Financial Support of Spectacle vivant en Bretagne.


VISUAL Theatre / Sun 12 June / 8.30pm / €20

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Carlow’s very own Ye Vagabonds return for a special homecoming show to celebrate the release of their hugely anticipated new album Nine Waves.

Brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn’s harmony-rich folk is influenced by Irish traditional music, Appalachian singing and the 1960s revival.

Nine Waves follows the duo’s standalone single I’m A Rover which won an RTE Radio One Folk Award. Ye Vagabonds were also named Best Folk Group for the second time at the 2021 ceremony, where they hold the record as most awarded artist.

Their previous album The Hare’s Lament (2019) received huge critical acclaim, and the band have played sold out headline shows across Europe, toured with Lisa Hannigan, Roy Harper and Villagers and made numerous TV appearances.